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    A potent tonic for soothing common maladies of the body, mind, and spirit


    Introducing Universal Cannabis Tonic, the first and only cannabis medicine designed to be eaten, rubbed into sore muscles and aching joints, and applied by both men and women to enhance sensual pleasure.

    Potent + Reliable
    We standardize our potency to 25 mg of activated cannabinoids per ml.
    Strong enough for real relief and much stronger than most tinctures and topicals.

    Simple + Pure
    We extract directly into a base blend of organic nut oils without the use of solvents or alcohol. Universal Cannabis Tonic tastes great, without any sugars or artificial flavors.
    Easy to Use
    Our bottle comes with a graduated dropper marked at .4 ml (10 mg) and .8 ml (20 mg). The dropper makes it simple to accurately measure your preferred oral dose every time and to apply topically without wasting a drop. Available in 1 oz. and 1/2 oz. sizes.

  • Universal Cannabis Tonic Blends

    Universal Cannabis Tonic comes in three blends, each with a different wellness focus.

    Luminous Botanicals-Sky Blend-Standardized Potency-Edible-Topical-Sensual-Cannabis Oil

    Sky Blend

    Our expansive THC blend.

    The soaring effects of THC can be helpful for those seeking to distance themselves from pain - making space for insight, inspiration, and reflection. A small amount of CBD is added to the blend to soften the experience.


    (18 mg THC and 2 mg CBD per .8 ml dose; 675 mg THC and 75 mg CBD per 1 oz. bottle)

    Meadow Blend

    Our balanced blend of THC and CBD.

    The synergy of equal amounts of THC and CBD can feel magical, allowing for some of the benefits of THC while anchoring the awareness firmly in the body. Many people find CBD to be calming, making this a good blend for those who find that THC alone leaves them feeling agitated.


    (10 mg each THC and CBD per .8 ml dose; 375 mg each per 1 oz. bottle)

    Earth Blend

    Our potent CBD blend.

    The deeply grounding quality of CBD is enhanced by the addition of a small amount of THC. Not intoxicating at standard doses, Earth blend is the preferred daytime blend for those who desire gentle relief from stresses of the body and mind.


    (18 mg CBD and 2 mg THC per .8 ml dose; 675 mg CBD and 75 mg THC per 1 oz. bottle)

  • DEW

    A sensual cannabis oil for sexual wellness

    Formulated specifically for sensual use, our DEW blends come in an airless applicator pump bottle for portability and discreet use. When used as a sensual lubricant, our original High THC blend may accelerate arousal and enhance feeling for both men and women, while our new balanced THC/CBD blend may ease discomfort and delay climax.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I've never eaten cannabis before.

    How much Universal Cannabis Tonic should I take?


    Cannabis of all sorts can be overwhelming if you consume too much, and Universal Cannabis Tonic is very potent. For this reason, we recommend that novice cannabis users 'start low and go slow' to minimize the chances of having a challenging experience.


    Start with a 5mg cannabinoid dose — 0.2ml of any blend — and wait. If you don't feel anything after a few hours, don't immediately take more. Doing so could push you out of your comfort zone.


    12 hours later (at least), you'll be ready to try again with a slightly larger dose. Try 10mg this time, which is 0.4ml of Universal Cannabis Tonic. Again, wait and don't take more if you don't feel the desired effects. 12 hours later, try again with a 15mg dose, or 0.6ml.


    Most people will find their effective yet comfortable dose at 15mg or less, with many choosing about 10mg, or 0.4 milliliters. 

    How can I ensure a consistent experience

    when eating Universal Cannabis Tonic?


    Cannabinoids are fat-soluble and their absorption is enhanced by ingesting them along with fats. Ingestion of fat stimulates the secretion of bile and promotes the formation of micelles, small structures which transport the fat and the cannabinoids to the gut absorptive surface, thereby promoting their absorption.

    Of course, we recommend choosing healthy fats. One simple way to maximize cannabinoid absorption if you are not taking it around meal time is to eat a spoonful of coconut oil with your Universal Cannabis Tonic.


    When taking Universal Cannabis Tonic around meal time, it's important to take it after eating a few bites of your meal. If you take it on an empty stomach, you will feel a faster response, but some of the cannabinoids could be destroyed by your stomach acids. If you wait until after your meal, it can take a very long time (up to 4 hours) for the medicine to be absorbed into your digestive tract.

    How much is a standard dose of
    Universal Cannabis Tonic for topical or sensual use?


    While special care should be taken while determining personal edible dosage, topical and sensual use of Universal Cannabis Tonic can be a little less precise. Skin absorbs the oil differently, creating a pleasant, therapeutic response in localized areas without the euphoric intensity that can come from higher levels of oral consumption.

    It would take several bottles of Universal Cannabis Tonic to get to an uncomfortable level of stimulation when being used topically or sensually. You're more likely to make an oily mess before creating any overwhelming sensations, so feel free to use as much as you're comfortable with.

    Will I be stoned if I use the Universal Cannabis Tonic during sex?


    Probably not, although it depends on how you intend to use it in the bedroom. While Universal Cannabis Tonic will not get you "stoned" when used topically or sensually, any time you consume the oil, you are likely to have a more pronounced effect.

    I like cannabis, but what are the risks?


    Research into cannabis has been greatly hindered by its prohibition. We do know that cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years. Cannabis toxicity has never killed anyone, so it's very safe in that sense. But scientists are still uncovering the purposes of our endogenous cannabinoid system, and we simply don't know how repeated, prolonged exposure to ingested cannabinoids affects its function.


    Excessive use can build a resistance to cannabinoid sensitivity (called "tolerance"), requiring larger and larger doses to elicit the same response. It's conceivable that tolerance could interfere with the body's ability to signal with endogenous cannabinoids, therefore, it seems best to err on the side of caution and choose moderation in your cannabis use.

    My Universal Cannabis Tonic is thickening or has

    cloudy streaks in it. Has it gone bad?


    The white, cloudy streaks are natural lipids coming out of solution. This can happen over time, or when the Universal Cannabis Tonic has been exposed to colder temperatures. These lipids are harmless. Cold temperatures can thicken the virgin coconut oil component.

    Shaking before use is always recommended to ensure homogeneity, and simply keeping the bottle in your pocket or in a warm room should be enough to return it to purely liquid form. In a pinch, the bottle can also be placed under the arm for quick warming.

    Anything warmer than the human body is potentially dangerous and is not recommended for reheating.

    Where does our Cannabis come from?


    We source all of the cannabis flower that we infuse into our products from Clean Green Certified outdoor farms in Oregon that grow in living soil without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Our sungrown cannabis is sourced primarily from two wonderful, family-owned and operated, southern Oregon farms - East Fork Cultivars and Green Source Gardens. East Fork cultivates our CBD rich cannabis, and Green Source Gardens grows our THC cannabis. The background photo at the top of this page is from Green Source Gardens.

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